Spill Aid Power Absorber 30 Litres

Spill Aid Power Absorber 30 Litres


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Spill Aid Power Absorber 30 LitresSpill-Aid Power Absorber absorbs more fluid than any other comparable absorbent on the market. It has the ability to absorb up to 30 times more fluid than clay based granules and is at least 5 times more absorbent (pound for pound) than any other absorbent on the market. Just 1 x 5L pouch will absorb 35L of fluid. The best product – It is between 5 to 30 times more absorbent that all other absorbents Very safe – As an inert substance it can be used on all chemical spills without a chemical reaction and is safe for staff to use Saves money – Cost of hazardous disposal is reduced dramatically due to Spill-Aid being a light weight product. To dispose of one sack of Spill-Aid it costs £6.87, clay granules per sack costs £34 Very efficient and more savings – To absorb 1 litre Spill-Aid uses 650g, clay granules uses 3.5kg Acts fast saves time – Spill-Aid takes 38 seconds to absorb, clay granules takes 5.15 minutes, it is fast to clear a liquid so back to work quickly Very effective – Spill-Aid does not leach, so after absorbing the liquid it will not let it go, it keeps it locked within Spill-Aid Great on nasty chemicals – It is very powerful at reducing odours more so than any other absorbents Time saving – Spill-Aid leaves the surface clean and dry

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